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Is Your Child’s Computer Wearing Away His Or Her Time?

Parents all over the world are worried that their children might be spending too much time at the computer screen rather than getting the important social interaction and physical exercise that is so important to their health. It is estimated that young teens and children between the age of 8 to 14 spend about 44 hours a week in front of computers. This amounts to about seven hours a day, or almost seven days a week. Clearly, this is going to have a significant impact on the health of these children. 

One way to ensure that your teen or child is not spending too much time on a computer screen is to enroll them in a Kids and Teens Health Study.

There are a number of different types of virtual data room programs offered, but the most famous is the PhD program. This program allows participants to earn their PhD. at completion. They will be able to demonstrate that they have acquired a comprehensive understanding of the health issues facing kids today, as well as being able to apply scientific methodology to this research.

The program itself consists of four main components. The first two units require students to explore and analyze data from a variety of disciplines as well as use applications from the health sciences. This data analysis and evaluation will allow students to learn how to use different types of statistical analysis, as well as how to collect and interpret appropriate data. The third and last unit of the Kids and Teens Health study led by Dr. Maria DiLorenzi will introduce participants to the latest methods for examining the effects of screen time on health, as well as considering how to control and monitor its negative consequences.

A lot of parents feel that screen time is a necessity for kids. It lets them spend quality time with their favorite video games, develop important social skills like communicating, and enjoy fun computer-related activities. For parents who have qualms, there is good news. Through careful planning and research, it has been shown that screen time does not necessarily negatively impact overall health, and can actually enhance children’s well-being in many ways. In fact, a recent study pointed out that there are times when screen time can actually be beneficial to kids.

For parents who have concerns, there is good news as well.

Although it may seem like it, modern science has made tremendous progress in addressing these issues. With the increased use of digital technology, parents no longer have to worry about the negative effects that screen time or other media can have on their kids. Recent studies have found that there are very few negative effects of screen time or social media on kids’ mental health, and the benefits far outweigh any negatives. That is why parents all across the country are getting over their fears and embracing the idea that kids need as much social interaction and physical activity as possible.

The latest research suggests that one of the best things for kids is virtual play.

Playing virtual games has been proven to boost kids’ mental health in numerous ways. Not only does it increase their engagement in activities, but it also engages their bodies in exercise and enhances their virtual dexterity. And since screens now allow kids to interact with one another in a highly social way, playing virtual games has even more positive benefits for kids.

One of the biggest reasons why parents are apprehensive about letting their kids spend too much time glued to a screen is the worry that it might influence their kids’ thinking and make them dumber. Researchers point out that this is simply not true. The amount of time spent on a computer screen does not directly affect a kid’s ability to learn new things or to process information. In fact, kids spend twice as much time on their computers as their friends, and parents know that there’s no detrimental impact on their kids’ intellectual development.

So while many parents fear that letting their kids spend too much time glued to a computer screen could harm their children’s mental health, recent studies have shown that it may in fact be the best thing for kids. The most compelling evidence came from a study conducted at Virginia Tech which found that kids who spend a lot of time on PCs were actually having more fun than kids who spent much less time on them. Another study by Duke University shows that screen time actually improves memory and attention in kids. A few other studies have proven that the mere act of playing outdoor games, like Frisbee, has a calming effect on kids. There are now many parents who don’t even object to letting their kids spend some time on a computer!

Best file compression software: review 2021

Since today’s hard drives come with more space, it might seem that the file compression feature may not be needed at all, but that is not the case. File compression programs help reduce the weight of files when sent via email to pass the limited platform limit, as well as providing many other useful features. The most popular such program is ZIP, but there are other interesting suggestions and in this article, we will look at the best file compression programs 2021.

WinZip Review

No wonder WinZip tops our list of the best file compression programs, as it has remained one of the most popular and successful such applications for over 30 years. The only thing that might confuse you is its paid services. Is it worth paying for something that many programs provide for free? It all depends on your goals in choosing a file compression program. After all, you can get a lot of extra features for the money, such as:

  • Support for many types of archived files
  • Integration with Office applications to make the process smoother and faster
  • Separate large zip files into different media
  • A lot of file sharing possibilities
  • Cloud server support
  • Modern zip file management system

If all of this doesn’t interest you and the most important thing for you is that the program will perform well in its main compression function, then you can turn to free options that will do this job just as well.

WinRAR Review

WinRAR has become known for its unusual feature of the proprietary RAR format, which has multi-level compression capabilities. While many other programs can extract RAR format files, WinRAR can also create them directly. But you will have to pay for these features as well.

The interface of the program may seem cluttered, as the main page is crammed with various functions, and it’s not the easiest to operate. But to make your activity easier, you can use the wizard mode, which greatly simplifies all the processes.

7-Zip Overview

7-Zip is a free file compression program that has quite high ratings among users. And the thing is that the program is professional about its main purpose of existence and can work with almost any type of compressed file.

In addition, the program has its compression format – 7z, which can compress even the most huge files and has a high compression ratio. The main disadvantage in this whole process is a slow speed, everything can take a long time. The interface of the program is also far from perfect and it can get confusing, but given that it is free, it is still an excellent choice and an alternative to its paid counterparts.

Zip Archiver Review

Zip Archiver isn’t the most popular, but that doesn’t mean it’s of poor quality; on the contrary, this program has many loyal users who have appreciated its simple interface, excellent format support, and accessibility. The program is also completely free.

In addition, it is incredibly easy to operate and the archiving process is done with the usual drag-and-drop function, and cloud support serves as a nice plus. In an instant, compress a file and forward it to any of your cloud accounts.

Zip Archiver is capable of handling many types of archived files, but we must warn you that the program is only available for Windows users.

What you should know before your first live streaming

In the article, we will view the essential live streaming tips to organize a perfect start of your streaming career and manage the process successfully.

How to jump off the streaming career

Broadcasting anything live is considered to be challenging. The unexpected element is always presented, so you have to be ready to overcome the situation. You will never know directly when your content might take you to an inconvenient position. Taking into consideration broadcasting isn’t as simple as it seems, but if you get prepared you will get acquainted with how to handle the situation effectively.

Basic broadcasting includes accomplishment of the following issues:

  • Set the goal – Applying the goal is considered to be an essential component that will influence your further career. You cannot go streaming without certain targets. In that case, you will lose your audience. You may start with some clear tasks: make positive communications with the audience, grow the number of followers, presenting new content.
  • Select the type – Stop your choice on something that you are interested in. Top-rating ideas include webinars, workouts, teaching videos, drama telling, interviews, gaming streams.
  • Organize the equipment – Streaming tools are of high importance. Everything must be checked before going live. You have to prepare and set up the equipment to make sure if it works properly.
  • Operate the digital software – The digital market presents the multiplied apps rather simple to choose from. Some of them are free to use. OBS studio is appreciated to be the popular one.
  • Think about the digital platform – Streaming platforms are available for different types of content that require the right audience. YouTube and Twitch are the best options for game streaming. Instagram is most appropriate for drama blogs. Some programs give you access to broadcast at several platforms simultaneously.
  • Check everything thoroughly – Testing prevents the unexpected elements of broadcasting. It also improves streaming, reducing the risk of making mistakes.

Essential live streaming tips

You cannot become profi if you aren’t ready to struggle with challenges on your way. Advanced preparation and confidence in your skills will directly help you to become popular. To make this process easier and more effective the following tips are presented:

  • Learn from the profi – Search for your competitors to monitor their streaming. Take into account their content, pros, and cons. Analysis of their career can help you to avoid mistakes and become the most popular.
  • Use specialty tools – To make broadcasting easier and more attractive you have to install specialty apps or programs. Some of them allow you to stream on different platforms simultaneously in order to grow your audience. Such a tool as Restream monitor is managing the streaming session to operate the incoming and outgoing personal details.
  • Learn your audience preferences – Engaging people in streaming, communicating with them will directly lead to success. The public is watching videos with a certain purpose to be straightforwardly involved in the discussion.

Make your life easier with these data room setup tips

The guidance will directly lead you to virtual data room setup tips to make you sure of advanced protection of your database and easy setup procedure

Choosing the right virtual data room provider

Virtual data room (VDR) is the leading digital format of storing the data to provide its safety and security of business affairs. Enterprises all over the world are using different types of VDR to preserve their critical documents, sharing files with investors, organizing editing, reviewing the documentation inside the digital room of the company. This unique technology is perfectly organized to make business operations faster and appropriate.

So, how to choose the right VDR for leading your deals effectively? These are the standard functionalities of any types of digital rooms regardless of the provider:

  • Folder and documents permissions – The administrator gives a certain level of access to users or investors in order to control the process of storing, editing, and reviewing files.
  • Watermarking – sensitive documents and files can be directly watermarked to avoid unwanted distribution. It helps to provide advanced safety and security of information.
  • Managing user activity – Administrators can easily monitor the situation of accessing users into VDR and editing some documents. To monitor the situation perfectly chat rooms can be organized by appealing to a certain document.
  • Handling projects – When the project is over, the VDR tools record all the essential information for future reference.

To increase ease and usability some VDR present additional options to run the data:

  • Q&A specialty module for improving deals
  • Support for specific projects is automatically organized files of a certain type of tasks
  • Reporting option requires monitoring the user visiting, access, editing, and reviewing data
  • API integration applies modification of VDR to the business needs of the enterprise

When selecting the appropriate digital format the further issues should be also taken into consideration:

  • Provider specialty
  • Data security
  • Pricing model
  • Comparing of VDR software

When you have thoroughly checked all the options and have made the right choice, the setup procedure will be the next step.

The digital room setup tips

To activate your VDR you need to prepare documentation for storing and follow the next steps:

  1. Choose a VDR software provider – You make your choice according to the specialty of your business and which one you can afford to buy. The more expensive data rooms are easier in navigation and usability. They require additional specialty options. The free trial is available to make sure you have chosen the best one.
  2. Organize groups and invite the users – The administrator has access to create groups of users with a “groups” tab to apply specialty permissions for each member. You can easily invite users by sending invitations to email addresses. They will straightforwardly join the room viewing only other members.
  3. Set permissions – File permissions include options of viewing, downloading, downloading the original, and editing the document.
  4. Store documents and files – Classification and proper organizing files are stored into VDR ready to deal with.

Which stress reduction program is better for use while working at home

In the article, we will run through the main techniques of stress reduction and how to organize a proper atmosphere for the perfect work at home

The main reasons for stress

Perhaps, some people have to organize a home office contacting their managers online and receiving a set of tasks. This option can be challenging for some individuals. It seems to be difficult to change the working routine that has been built for years. In that case, people feel stressed and frustrated. Lack of confidence may be harmful to business affairs. Here are the main causes of stress that many workers handle:

  • Absence of structure – Working at home doesn’t require any structure. It can be challenging for people working at a special structural schedule. It was easy to get up at a certain hour to be on time at the workplace. Then manage your working plan efficiently to cope with tasks to the end of the day. On the contrary, when things have absolutely changed, some people don’t know when to get up and start their work. Sometimes, they work late at night. Lack of sleep and daily structure may influence our confidence in what we are doing.
  • Too many interruptions – As a matter of fact, your working hours are interrupted by daily routine issues. Working televisions, signaling gadgets, the noise of your children don’t let you focus on the tasks and complete them successfully. You feel nervous about the situation that you might not cope with assignments at a time. When you meet so many difficulties, you cannot maintain the goal.
  • Social isolation – Stress can be directly caused by a lack of attention. At the workplace, you can cheer yourself with compliments, colleagues’ attention, positive lively communication. When people realize the lack of relationships they feel lonely. From another point of view, social media platforms can cope with this problem but not completely. These types of interaction also meet inconvenience in conversations.
  • Being stressful because of gadgets – The added stress of using gadgets influences our health with lack of sleep and social media comparison. Working at night on smartphones can break a daily routine structure.

The perfect stress reduction program

Taking into account all factors of significant stress of running the work-of-home lifestyle, the essential tips of stress reduction should be mentioned:

  • Build up a convenient working schedule (choose the best hours for managing the tasks, accomplish the difficult ones first, download the most useful for your work apps)
  • Be responsible for your social well being (handle relationships with co-workers, manage the supportive network of fellows, organize meetings and conferences)
  • Stay satisfied with simple targets (write a shortlist of small goals rewarding yourself for each one)
  • Be ready to say no (you should refuse the unimportant requests if you want to do everything properly)
  • Sleep well without gadgets (put away your mobile phone before getting to sleep to organize a healthy environment).

Vocal exercises for beginners in live streaming

In the review, we will deal with simple vocal exercises for beginners and how to use them properly to make your broadcast better.

General features of Live Streaming

Broadcasting is the best option to start your career now and attract the public with great ideas. People like communicating with streamers share their feelings about worldwide issues. Generally, live streaming is considered to be complicated without thorough preparation and confidence in your skills to present interesting information. To improve your tone of voice you need to practice some vocal exercises. To choose the best workout for your tone you have to know the basic of live streaming:

  1. As a beginner, you should choose the content first. –  It’s better to start off with something you are interested in. The idea has to be fresh and entertaining for your public. You can view the top-rating topics for broadcasting:
  2. Game streaming
  3. Traveling blogging
  4. Drama telling
  5. Teaching webinars
  6. Workouts and a healthy lifestyle

Have a shortlist of prepared content. It will help you to make fewer mistakes. The public won’t be satisfied with the silent instead of amazing streaming. Unexpected elements are supposed to happen but it’s important to reduce them.

  1. Test the equipment before the streaming. – Nice webcams, professional microphones would be the best choice for the great quality of your videos. Don’t forget to check the devices before broadcasting. It is appreciated to choose the expensive video and audio sources that are of high quality. Testing the connection of your devices and speed of network traffic must be also organized. Don’t forget to have extra batteries.
  2. Choosing the broadcasting platform. – You have to select one of the social networking platforms. Some apps afford to stream simultaneously on different platforms. To make the right choice you have to be sure whether your content would be interesting for the audience. Instagram is the best one for bloggers broadcasting their journeys. If it comes to game streaming, YouTube and Twitch would be excellent. You can also view:
  3. Some popular special platforms (DaCast, StreamShark, Vimeo Livestream)
  4. Facebook (free option for growing your brand)
  5. Specialty websites (Streaming church.tv)

Simple singing workout for beginners in a broadcasting career

To have a go at live streaming you should be confident. – Self-assessment is an essential part of the successful start of Livestream. If you’re not confirmed that you are doing great, take up courses, try vocal workouts to increase your chances to become a popular streamer. How to change your voice to increase the audience:

  • Try a vocal warm-up (you should prepare your vocal cords before the start, sit in a fresh room and go to the next step)
  • Head and shoulders rolling (try gently rolls of your head and shoulders)
  • Face massage (to realise the tension, face massage will help you to feel relaxed)
  • Breathing techniques (try breathing softly and gently)
  • Humming and lip buzz (making these tunes will help you to make your voice).

The vocal workout will take 25 minutes to practice and will be a great preparation of your voice before live stream.