Best file compression software: review 2021

Since today’s hard drives come with more space, it might seem that the file compression feature may not be needed at all, but that is not the case. File compression programs help reduce the weight of files when sent via email to pass the limited platform limit, as well as providing many other useful features. The most popular such program is ZIP, but there are other interesting suggestions and in this article, we will look at the best file compression programs 2021.

WinZip Review

No wonder WinZip tops our list of the best file compression programs, as it has remained one of the most popular and successful such applications for over 30 years. The only thing that might confuse you is its paid services. Is it worth paying for something that many programs provide for free? It all depends on your goals in choosing a file compression program. After all, you can get a lot of extra features for the money, such as:

  • Support for many types of archived files
  • Integration with Office applications to make the process smoother and faster
  • Separate large zip files into different media
  • A lot of file sharing possibilities
  • Cloud server support
  • Modern zip file management system

If all of this doesn’t interest you and the most important thing for you is that the program will perform well in its main compression function, then you can turn to free options that will do this job just as well.

WinRAR Review

WinRAR has become known for its unusual feature of the proprietary RAR format, which has multi-level compression capabilities. While many other programs can extract RAR format files, WinRAR can also create them directly. But you will have to pay for these features as well.

The interface of the program may seem cluttered, as the main page is crammed with various functions, and it’s not the easiest to operate. But to make your activity easier, you can use the wizard mode, which greatly simplifies all the processes.

7-Zip Overview

7-Zip is a free file compression program that has quite high ratings among users. And the thing is that the program is professional about its main purpose of existence and can work with almost any type of compressed file.

In addition, the program has its compression format – 7z, which can compress even the most huge files and has a high compression ratio. The main disadvantage in this whole process is a slow speed, everything can take a long time. The interface of the program is also far from perfect and it can get confusing, but given that it is free, it is still an excellent choice and an alternative to its paid counterparts.

Zip Archiver Review

Zip Archiver isn’t the most popular, but that doesn’t mean it’s of poor quality; on the contrary, this program has many loyal users who have appreciated its simple interface, excellent format support, and accessibility. The program is also completely free.

In addition, it is incredibly easy to operate and the archiving process is done with the usual drag-and-drop function, and cloud support serves as a nice plus. In an instant, compress a file and forward it to any of your cloud accounts.

Zip Archiver is capable of handling many types of archived files, but we must warn you that the program is only available for Windows users.